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Installment Loan

A one-time loan secured by the specific equipment being financed. The term (length) of the loan, interest rate and monthly payment are fixed and disclosed at the time of the loan. An auto loan is a good example.


Revolving Credit

A credit card is a good example. This is an established available line of credit. The owner (card holder) of the line may borrow up to its limit and then make at least minimum payments on the outstanding balance each month. The owner may continue to access the available credit (difference between the credit limit and the outstanding balance) at any time without having to reapply for credit.

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Current Offers

See your local Exmark® dealer for complete retail financing details. All finance programs are subject to credit approval of our finance partners. Exmark presents only those retail finance programs that are available on a national basis. Exmark dealers may offer additional sources of financing on a regional basis.

If you have questions in regards to current programs, pending application or existing account with G.E. Retail Sales or Sheffield Finance Corporation please contact the Exmark finance partner directly:

G.E. Retail Sales

800-250-5411(toll free)

Sheffield Financial Corporation

800-438-8892 (toll free)

The financing programs listed below are only applicable in the continental United States. In Canada, please visit your local Exmark dealer for financing programs that are available to you.

See your local Exmark dealer for a variety of Everyday programs for Exmark parts and used Exmark equipment.
Online Credit Applications
Sheffield Financial Corp
To complete an online credit application for mower(s) purchased for either personal or commercial use click here
G.E. Retail Sales
To complete an online credit application for mower(s) purchased for personal use only click here

NOTE: Approval application is for GE Revolving Programs only. For Installment Programs please visit an Exmark Dealer.
Finance Programs Monthly Payment Calculator

Review monthly payment estimates for each available finance program based on entered loan amount.

Monthly Payment Calculator