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UHT Life Extension Program

UHT Hydro Drive Life Extension Program

For Commercial Owners of Exmark Lazer Z E, S and X-Series of Zero-Radius Turn Riding Mowers.

With the redesign of the Lazer Z platform, Exmark worked exclusively with Parker to design a hydro unit that eliminates all hoses, fitting and potential leak points. The UHT design in combination with Exmark Premium Hydraulic Oil has been tested in the field to operate in the toughest of commercial conditions while maintaining cooler system temperatures than other “off the shelf” designs' utilized by many other OEM’s.

With proper preventative maintenance and care the UHT hydro system has proven it can deliver 3000 hours or more of productive mowing.

The key to achieving that level of life is YOU.

Exmark’s customer service team is pleased to announce our new UHT Hydro Life Extension Program which doubles your hydro coverage guideline on the Lazer Z units you own from 1200 hours to 2500 by having your dealer perform basic hydro maintenance and service requirements.

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Maintenance Tips: Part 1 Maintenance Tips: Part 2
Who Is Eligible

Past and future owners of Lazer Z E, S
or X-Series riders (with less than 300
hours) and utilizes their Exmark
equipment for Commercial purposes

  • Landscape Contractors
  • Municipal/Government/Parks
    and Recreation
  • School/University
  • Cemeteries
  • Golf Courses
  • Personal Use/Homeowner and Rental
    Dealer purchasers are not eligible
  • Past and future purchasers
    have the option to “opt-in”
    any eligible unit you own with
    less than 300 hours on the
    hour meter
  • This is not a program where you
    pay anything up front, you only
    pay for the service at the time
    it is delivered
  • To be eligible for this program you simply
    need to agree to let your local Exmark dealer
    • Change the oil and filters on your hydro system five times during the 2500 hour coverage cycle.
    • These changes should occur at 250, 750, 1250, 1750 and 2250 hours plus or minus a 50 hour window
    • We ask our customers to consider additional loads put on the unit with accessories like an UltraVac or if the unit is operated in hilly terrain. If these conditions are present we ask that 50 hours be deducted from the change interval for each of these situations that might exist
    • The dealer will charge you a maximum of .5 hours of labor so in addition to the oil and filters you should be buying anyway, your out of pocket expense for being in the program is less than $200.00 for the labor

That’s less than $0.08 cents an hour based on a $75.00 posted shop labor rate!

  • We will send you periodic reminders to check the hours on your unit so that you can schedule the service with your dealer within the window of plus or minus 50 hours as previously discussed
  • Your Exmark Dealer will quickly document your compliance with the program by using our warranty claims system
Program Enrollment Benefits
  • Exmark will double your coverage
    for the hydro drive
    units from 1200 hours to 2500 hours.
    • NOTE: We are doubling the
      guideline and not your actual
      warranty coverage period which,
      depending on the model you
      purchased is either two or three years
  • Minimize the chance of a pre-mature non-warrantable
    failure of your UHT hydro-drive system
  • Maximize the performance and life of your hydro-drive system
  • Greatly reduce your chances of costly downtime for non-warrantable repairs which means you increase your productivity and profits!
Documenting proper maintenance may enhance the trade-in value of your properly maintained and serviced units
Enrolling In The Program

We have given our commercial owners two
easy ways to enroll their Lazer Z E, S and
X-Series units.

  1. Click the Enroll My Unit Button Below
  2. Call our Customer Service Team
    here in Nebraska at
    during normal
    business hours

With whatever enrollment method you choose
be sure to have your unit serial numbers and
hour meter readings ready.

We would love to hear from you gather your feedback and get you signed up for the program. when you decide to upgrade and the plan will be to offer this same program for any and all future Next Lazer units you purchase.

Enroll My Unit

Opting Out Of The Program

You can be removed from the program
and receiving further e-mails by:

  • Calling our Customer Service Team
    at 1-800-667-5296
  • By replying back to one of the e-mails you
    receive from Exmark and telling us you would
    like to be removed from future program communications
    • Please be to sure to indicate if you would like to be removed from ALL notifications or specific serial numbered units that you have enrolled
Contact Service Department

If you have any questions regarding
the program, you are more than welcome
to call one of our technical support
representatives at

Please have your unit’s serial number available
when you call us, thanks.

Enroll My Unit

To enroll your unit please complete the form below.

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Contact First Name:  
Contact Last Name:  
Phone Number:  
Zip Code:  
Email Address:    

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