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Because getting it "almost right" just isn't right.

The best any aftermarket company can do is provide you with parts that are almost right for your Exmark machine. Those parts may look right, feel right, and may even seem to fit right. But when it comes down to making your Exmark machine hum like no other, only Exmark has the expertise and knowhow required to get it precisely right. Every time.

Exmark won't stand for "almost right" in anything we do.

The truth is, nobody knows your Exmark machine better than the people who developed it. No aftermarket parts provider owns the original design, engineering and test requirements needed to make meaningful, original quality claims. So, if you don’t use Original Exmark Parts, it's not 100% an Exmark.

Why Buy Exmark Original?


We recently put aftermarket blades to the test against OEM standards. Each blade’s appearance was close to the original, but upon closer inspection the truth revealed a different story...(learn more)


Tempted to save a little money on aftermarket belts? Remember, aftermarket companies can only get you close to an OEM dimension with a generic construction. Trouble is, nobody operates a generic machine...(learn more)

Cutter Housings

The most brilliant engineers in the industry have created a battle-hardened cutter housing worthy of the Exmark name. More importantly, they have created a cutter housing worthy of our customer’s good name...(learn more)

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